3 Sources for Divine Downloads

What is a Divine Download
My definition is: Divine Download (noun)
The spiritual connection to Greatness– Source, God, Universe, the Creator– that allows inner, inspirational ideas to flow to the outer using you like a hollow quill or channel. These ideas are then used in writing, speaking, or other actions.

When this spiritual connection happens, you KNOW. There may even be physical confirmations; you’ll feel what I call “angel bumps.” This is energy charging in different parts of your body which aren’t conscious actions. 

They just happen. 
Be aware when… 
Your heart skips. 
Your breath quickens. 
Your hands tremble.
Your tummy flutters.

And when Divine Downloads aren’t flowing, you also KNOW. You might call this writer’s block or label yourself as unsure, unworthy, or unmotivated. 

A year ago, Miss Writer’s Block visited me like an unannounced house guest. This happened when I sought to meet a deadline for a 1,400-word story in the anthology, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace. As the deadline loomed, I realized that perhaps I’d attracted this momentary writing paralysis. Why? I’d just completed writing a 24-page ePublication entitled 5 Journal Adventures to Recharge Your Creativity: Writer’s Block Take a Vacay!

Laughing through my ah-ha, I used these three, favorite sources for Divine Downloads–along with taking the advice in my ePublication to meet the story deadline. They included:

1) Colors: Visit the paint department at any large box store.
Peruse the paint color samples and picturesque booklets for visual delight and word imagery. I randomly chose three colors which were Riesling Grape (chartreuse), Peru burgundy) and Arrowhead Lake (blue). Interesting that the later name matches my address of 1932 Arrowhead Drive, I’ve also led a Vision Quest to Peru and, visited Germany with siblings where we drank lots of Riesling wine. 

The paint names caused memories to flow, and later, words flowed onto the page of my story. If you choose large paint samples, you can use them as is–or decorate as bookmarks with children or grandchildren.

2) Words: Randomly open your favorite book, atlas, or dictionary and read, then copy, the first words, names, or phrases that appear.
Don’t edit or judge. Just be a faithful scribe. Read them aloud. Let them percolate like your favorite cup of coffee or tea. They’ll find their perfect use and place in your story exactly as is or as a spin-off an idea in your story or creative project.

3) Conversations: Ask: What or who do I need to know now for my best and Highest Good regarding _______? (Name of the issue, story, project)

This is part of Step 2 in my practice of the Divine Dialogue Writing System. I use this question every morning and also teach the practice. In silence, “someone” always shows up. You might call this presence intuition, inner whispers, or even your name for Source. We chat on the page, going back and forth like two BFFs having a heart-to-heart conversation. And always, the issue moves closer to clarity and resolution. 

It’s in this process that every major name for a project has emerged for me including Women as Visionaries, Your Soul Cafe (my podcast), Spinning Your Gold (my blog) and; even the names for this blog post and my writing practice, the Divine Dialogue Writing System.

Colors. Words. Conversations. 

They’re all a tiny part of the huge, content-rich and gorgeous world that supports your Divine Downloads–a flow of inner, inspirational ideas.
Lessons learned: There’s no need or truth in having Miss Writer’s Block to visit or feeling unsure, unworthy, or unmotivated. Your job? Be open. Allow. Accept.
I promise that your Divine Downloads are sure to flow to you often, and easily!

Thank-you in advance for commenting if one or more of these ideas reminded or inspired you of how to enhance your spiritual connection for writing.

P.S. Your special invitation awaits you to join my free, private Facebook group, the Writer’s VisionQuest just for women. The group’s intention is to “take your words somewhere brilliant” by giving and receiving writing and creativity resources.

Laughing at my ah-ha, I was guided to use the following three sources for Divine Downloads AND to practice the five journal adventures again.

5 Ways to Practice the Art of Being Thank-full


Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Action

Much is written about the acts of gratitude and appreciation and the positive energies received by both the sender and receiver. I know that my heart always smiles when someone acknowledges an idea, post, meme, or action. Is it the same for you?

My Air Force-Martha Stewart-like mother instilled the art of being thank-full as a little girl starting in the second grade. Her rule was that I had to write a thank-you note within three days of receiving the gift. Non-negotiable. As my first writing coach, she provided the pen, stamp, and stationary. Over time it became less of Oh, mom, do I have to? to a fun ritual sitting at the kitchen table crafting the note. It’s a practice I passed on to my now 25-year old daughter who I’m delighted to say, writes handwritten thank-you notes.

In a day when the clicks of Facebook Likes or Tweets often express your gratitude, consider these five ways to practice the art of being thank-full:

1) Say or write: YOU are appreciated versus I thank you. 
The subject of the sentence is focused on them and not you–after all, they’re  the one you want to celebrate or acknowledge, right?

2) Post: Peer Support for______
What an unwrapped gift to see your name tagged in a post with these words–and to know that a friend shared your new book, success, post, blog, page, or event. This is a practice that my visionary sister Anna Weber taught me and does often. You are appreciated, Anna.
I also thank Linda Joy, my publisher and, visionary publisher of Aspire Magazine; her group page, Visionary Female Authors, engages every Wednesday by sharing at least  three blogposts of group members. You are appreciated, Linda Joy.

3) Write: Buy postcards
 Once postcards are purchased from your hometown or vakay spot, put a seasonal stamp on them and place near your desk, iPad, or computer; then it’s easy to write a thank-you note when something stirs your soul.  Who doesn’t love getting a postcard? No one. And the postcard stamp is less expensive and you don’t have to craft a long note–just a few heart-felt lines will do it.
When might you buy some postcards and stamps?

4)  List: Advance gratitude or AAA: Always Advance Appreciation
Besides writing a morning gratitude list now for eight years, I’ve added the new dimension of saying thank-you in advance. It sets the intentions and energies of the day in a positive, uplifting tone.
Because I love travelling and have happily used the services of AAA, the American Automobile Association, this AAA gratitude acronym appeared in meditation. I mentally travel through the day ahead  and write how I seek the day to unfold.

I wrote things this morning like: Thank you in advance for the perfect conversation of possibilities at noon. Thank you in advance for Divine Downloads for my blogpost today. Thank you in advance for the energy to stay focused on my To Do and To Be Lists. 
What are you thank-full in advance for as you now read this?

5) Affirmations: Include yourself!
As you practice the art of being thank-full, make sure you include yourself. Example:
I am thank-full for you, Lore, because you are____________. 
What can you thank yourself for right now?

Finally, you are appreciated for reading this! Let’s send out waves of gratitude by practicing the art of being thank-full.

And if you’re inspired or gained a new idea, thank-you in advance for adding a comment below.

P.S. Be sure to claim your free, thank-you gift for visiting my new website, www.LoreRaymond.com

5 Inspired Actions to Ensure Equal Pay for Women

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day in the United States. And you probably didn’t read any posts proclaiming HAPPY EQUAL PAY DAY!
Because there’s still a large earning gap as the meme shows: Women only earn $.77 to a man’s $1.00. Sadly, the gap continues as it will take working mothers six months longer to earn the same amount as working fathers.

So what can you, a heart-centered visionary woman do? Here are 5 inspired actions to take:
1) Tell-a-Vision: Share the new story of what you see happening in your community, state, and world for equal pay. Write a post or blog about this important topic today.

2) Vote: Mindfully choose your elected officials who represent your views. Check their voting records.

3) Research: Find out what your vendors pay men and women and support only those who practice equal pay for equal work. Do the same for the places you spend your hard-earned money! Vote with your wallet.

4) Pray: Take a moment to pause and pray for the leaders and decision makers who can make equal pay a reality to act now with courageous conviction.

5) Gratitude: Express your appreciation for the people and places you know practice the principles of equal pay for equal work. Handwritten notes are like gold–they are truly unwrapped gifts!

Remember, money is an expression of spiritual energy being exchanged. Let all who determine the amount of money paid for a woman’s work, experience an open heart and take inspired action to ensure it is equal, fair, and just.

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Did you know that March 8 marks three auspicious events: Commonwealth Day in Canada, the NewMoon, and International Women’s Day? So why not combine all three events into one Global Girls’Gala? The round, inclusive table is set with grandmother’s linen and china; sterling from a first marriage and; fresh tropical flowers–because don’t we all want to relax on a tropical island sometime? Tonight’s the night! Your gathering is a symbolic effort to celebrate ALL the women of the world. 

Decide who’s coming. Make an imaginary list of  women you’d love to meet –AND– a list of BFFs in town. Tell them that this late supper is at 7 pm — the New Moon is officially at her darkest at 8:33 pm EST. And the menu? Well, pancakes, crepes, and waffles of course! And they’re all served with piping hot Canadian maple syrup. You’re invited to slather everything generously with real butter and dot with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

Once everyone’s seated, and your late supper is being served, here are five things you can do to celebrate International Women’s Day:

Share your own grace to bless the food, friendships, and women everywhere. Don’t know a grace? Make one up. You start with a sentence, then each person adds a sentence, going around the table, one by one, until the grace is completed and you say “AMEN.”

Since we are extensions of our ancestors and the Divine Feminine, invite each women to complete this sentence which some call a “Matriarchal Chant”:
 I am____________, (your full name); daughter of ______________; mother of __________ ; granddaughter of __________________________ and ________________________________. My family roots are from ____________(country) where my ancestors were _____________ . (livelihood).

Think of a favorite woman from another country, past or present. Introduce her to the circle, sharing what you like about and what you’ve learned from her. If you know her name, great. If not, that’s alright too. Sometimes people leave footprints on our soul without being formally introduced. Ask everyone gathered to lift their glasses and toast when each person has shared. If the woman you spoke of is alive, make a commitment to connect with her in the week ahead. Be fearless if it’s someone you don’t know, and have admired from afar!


Randomly open to any atlas page and see where you “travel” to. Ask who’s been there and to share their experience. Don’t have an atlas? Using the letter in your guest’s first name, find a country or town that starts with the same letter on your phone or iPad. Again, investigate who might have visited there or nearby. Share your VISION (bucket) LIST of where you want to visit and the experience you seek.

Open a window or a door. Look at the New Moon. The idea is to symbolically connect with the larger community through air and breath. Close the evening with a circle of gratitude. Start by giving thanks for a woman who’s name starts with A then B, and so on until you reach Z. Then start again. Go around in yet another circle, giving thanks for each woman who is present, real or imaginary.

Finally, have each guest give thanks for one aspect that they love about themselves, and one thing they will do to share their open heart with the world.

Then, time to go home, home sweet home…

Is It Time to Unplug to Plug In?

At any given time, did you know that you can only optimally manage five relationships and five projects? 

The metaphor that I use when speaking or coaching is that your life is like a dock: realistically, there’s only room for 10 sailboats to tie up. Sure, there can be more anchored out in the bay, but not at your dock right now. If you attempt this, you might wind up feeling overcrowded and overwhelmed.

When you overextend boundaries, keep late hours, and say “yes” when you really want to say “no”– you are in danger of draining your soul-batteries. If you find yourself here, then UNPLUG to PLUG IN and enjoy the freeing miracle this inspired action gives you.

Lately I’ve found myself with too many weekend work appointments. I’m taking my own advice and reassessing what brings me joy: More Grandson Blake “Date Time” and the beach once a week for walking, meditating, writing, and just jumping the waves of the Gulf of Mexico!

What five things can you decide to now unplug, to plug in?

Love to read at the beach or anywhere?
Please visit my new Amazon Author page for two new books just launched this week. Gratefully, they’ve both perched themselves on many of Amazon’s #1 Lists.

Find Your Happy Heart Place

Where do you feel a soft heart, calm mind, or abundance?

My answer is always the beach. Here’s a photo I took at Pass-A-Grille Beach near St. Peteresburg, FL.  I was greeted yesterday on my walk by the gulf with THOUSANDS of these shells! Sadly, half were dead stranded from the gulf…some were borderline so I tossed several back in until I tired. “Did it matter?” you might ask. YES! to those shells now hopefully alive. Reminds me of the classic “Starfish”  story used by many a motivational speaker–even me once upon a time. Now I am blessed with the real deal experience.

At the same time I am puzzled, even troubled, by such waste of these beautiful mollusks. So I will fearlessly ask Mother Nature “Why?” Perhaps her answer will help me spin my gold to see something I’m not yet understanding.

Celebrate the New “YOU” Year with 4 Steps & 13 Rituals!

Are you counting down the days to the New Year? 

If “yes,” then indeed it’s time to create sacred space just for you. 
You do this by engaging with these simple, yet powerful four steps and 13 rituals. 
Why not create time to celebrate the powerful and beautiful you?

Read this. And if the ideas feel yummilicious, gather your supplies. 
Take inspired action!

Start shifting your energies by:
* Eating a different food for dinner with someone you’d never thought of asking to dinner
* Dining differently; open the restaurant section of your paper’s “best pics” and choose one
* Releasingthe past with a Burning Bowl Ceremony
* Dreaming in new sheets to remember that miracles are coming!
* Wearing new jammies 
* Setting the alarm for 4:30 am to connect with the archangel’s energies at 4:44 am


Start your New YOU Year by:
* Lighting a new soy candle and incense to lift up your thoughts and prayers
* Meditating in silence or enjoying a moving meditation of walking to greet the sunrise
* Praying through words, song, or dance; go within, “Spinning Your Gold,” despite what’s happening on the outside
* Reading inspirational messages or books
* Writing in a new journal with a new pen. (Why write in something old or with an old pen?)
* Creating a 2015 Gratitude List and a 2016 AAA List: Always Appreciating in Advance List
* Visiting the Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond Magazine;
Share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams with us! 


How Are You Traveling into the New Year…Light or Heavy?

Rewind: Are you still thinking of the young couple traveling to pay their taxes in Bethlehem? Four days ago, Mary and Joseph arrived after their arduous journey to find no room at the inn, only to bed down in a stall with the animal’s breath to warm them.

In my travels I’ve arrived at destinations not to have a bed, so I understand the Holy Family’s
feelings of despair, and the miracle feeling when someone kindly offers something. For example, after arriving in Bali via a 34 hour flight, only a single hotel room remained—the one nearest to the construction crew with jackhammers repairing the hotel’s stonework. And the bed felt like a miracle!

Had I carried the heavy feelings of anger from my long travels, I’m not sure the room would have been offered or that I could have slept. That’s why I’m reminded to DECIDE:
“To travel far, travel light, and be sure to pack all your dreams.”

And indeed I did.

How Can You Decide Not to Be Stretched Thin?

Meme: www.harquin.com

Marketing guru Seth Grodin blogged: “Bilbo Baggin’s great quote about being stretched thin (“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”) reveals a profound truth…”

Since butter and bread are Divine companions, grab a warm, generously slathered sourdough slice with some tea and spin your gold. Moving into the holy days and New Year ask: What or whom might I release from my life so that my energies are not spread thin?

Then DECIDE to take action and do it!

Across the Universe

Between two worlds she rests
Her arms wide to the expanse of knowledge above her
Rooted with intention to the earth below
She waits as a channel, a bridge 
for all who seek access to their inner desires
Gifting each who approach with deep wisdom,
She guides them to their higher purpose 
Then watches joyfully as they spread out across the Universe
in gratitude and love!

~A Poem in Celebration of Lore’s 60th Turn Around the Sun, 
With Love, 
Marguerite Bennett

Photo: Munduk Waterfalls, VisionQuest I to Bali, Indonesia