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Thankfulness is modern alchemy; it can yield happiness, grace, and peace beyond imagination.” ~Denise Linn, Sacred TravelerOracle 

An author’s best friend, the Visual Thesaurus, defines alchemy as “interpersonal chemistry; the way two people relate to one another.” This could also mean how you relate to yourself, the shadow and light parts, the yin and yang. And an active, daily practice of gratitude becomes the glue, bridge, and path that does indeed “yield happiness…beyond imagination.”

To guide you on your path, Paulo Coelho, mega-bestselling author of The Alchemist, distills his wisdom into 10 Rules for Success. 

Which ones do you practice in your life?

The art of alchemical gratitude is to be thankful for the times you’re practicing these ten rules and when you are not—that’s the demonstration of your true acceptance of what is instead of what could or should have been. Grace is the other word you are demonstrating.

Today’s Sacred Traveler oracle card, Gratitude and Grace reminds you how:

“Through gratitude, joy expands. The secret to expanding joy is to cherish the preciousness of life and everything and everyone around you. It’s simple, easy, and so very powerful. Be grateful for as much as you can.”

Also consider these three gentle reminders:
1) Allow gratitude to flood you at every moment for everything and everyone—it’s easy to appreciate hugs, awards, compliments, and bestselling book statistics. It’s the practice of appreciating the haters, doubters, and naysayers when jealousy and envy seek to creep in and erode your inner peace. Be appreciative you have these contrasting energies in your life!

2) Regardless of where you are,“nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems.” Breathe slowly until the outer circumstances change as they will. Promise. Be thankful for the opportunity.

3) Conflict can be the genesis of change and creativity if you fearlessly walk that path and move beyond. Little whisps of gratitude can become larger, fluffy clouds of appreciation. Be grateful for the details.

As Denise Linn gently reminds, “Your entire life can transform when you take time to fully, deeply, and profoundly allow the grace of gratitude to fill you.”
May you make and take the time.
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Your success is everyone’s success to be grateful for…

Already climbing the Amazon success charts, enjoy this just-relased treasure by sister writer and author, Lisa Hutchinson.



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  1. Gratitude is part of my morning and evening prayers, and goes into my journal every day. If I miss a day (like when I have grandkids staying over who limit my prayer/journaling time),it can feel like I've lost something.

  2. On this Thankful Thursday what a magical post. I love it as i have already written in my gratitude journal this morning woken in gratitude and love this message with the wonderful reminder from Denise Lim- thank you Lore 💜

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