How will you celebrate National Love a Tree Day?

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“Earth provides enough for every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Did you know it’s National Love a Tree Day? You’ve probably seen or even bought a bumper sticker that reads “Hug a tree.”

Seems silly and simple.

Yet there’s scientific proof of the emotional and physical benefits of being a tree hugger. Research shows that it’s the tree’s vibrational properties that heal those closest to them. Trees talk if we are listening. Matthew Silverstone better explains the details in Blinded by Science

Japan has over 62 “forest therapy” sites; the government takes being with and hugging trees very seriously.

Trees can even talk with one another and share information underground!

Consider the work of Dr. Bernie Krause, creator of Wild Sanctuary, who’s studied the soundscapes of many living organisms including plants and trees. He’s recorded these sounds and shares them in places like the American Museum of Natural History-Smithsonian and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
Seems the original “tree huggers” date back to 1730 when hundreds of Hindu men and women were slaughtered while clinging to trees to protest their village’s deforestation. A maharaja wanted the land cleared to build his palace. This intense love of trees later became a movement called tree satyagraha; it was this passion that caused India’s government to better manage their natural resources.
Even in my Florida backyard, some tree-loving unfolded. 

Can you imagine the 1920’s scene in Dunedin, Florida when several women climbed into the arms of a giant, 150-year old live oak tree? They perched themselves on one massive branch to prevent the tree’s trip to the sawmill. The city sought the tree’s lumber to support its building boom. 

Members of the Dunedin Women’s Club thought differently.
Brava, ladies!

It’s no surprise to learn that the women in this charming town, founded by two Scotsmen, would honor their Celtic, ancestral roots and love of the Sacred Oak. 

Happy news: The 150+-year-old Florida live oak tree lives!
Why blog about National Love a Tree Day?
As an author, I use tons of paper. I love the sensory feeling of hearing my pen move across the page. Maybe you do, too. I also now realize as a consumer, I use many paper products–tissues, napkins, paper towels, post its, and toilet paper.

I am now rethinking my use of paper–a gift or unwilling gift–of the trees.
Perhaps I can find paper and journals made from trees that died naturally and weren’t harvested for the sawmill or pulp mill.
I also can find ways to use less paper.

Today I will love a tree.

How about you?

Blessed to see and be in the energy of this 500-year-old oak tree in Safety Harbor, FL.

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  1. I adore trees Lore and so love to hug them. I often feel a pulse from a tree and read recently that they actually have a heartbeat! I find hugging trees to be very therapeutic and encouraged participants of my Nurture in Nature workshop recently to hug a tree. Thank you for sharing that it is National Love a Tree Day! I intend to celebrate!

  2. Yes I love trees and have a magical phot or too of me hugging trees- I will fin a tree to hug i the morning. i didn't know it was a special day, you are amazing how you share so many special days, love it.
    Where would the world be without trees, that provide so much energy and life force. Thank you xo

  3. Love this post for it celebrates our beautiful environment especially the healing energy of trees. Have used tree energy for grounding and healing for years. Thank you for sharing <3

  4. I just started reading a book last night called Earth Magic. It opened with a story about Tree Spirits and how leaning up against a tree can heal you. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of nature spirits. Thank you for sharing that it is National Love a Tree Day. I do so love trees…all the time 🙂

  5. Mu decision to release all of my books as ebooks was done as my contribution to cutting down the use of paper for books. I have fans who are asking me to release paperback editions for those who prefer holding a "real"book in their hands and I am thinking long and hard about it. I talk to trees all the time. They are my relations.

  6. I am definitely a tree lover and tree hugger, Lore! As far as paper not made from trees, there is an alternative on a sight called Poo Poo Paper, who has paper made from things like elephant dung and other animals poo. Can't wait to stock up while in Kenya. Trees are very intelligent and a friend of mine has conversations with trees (not verbal, but more sensory communication ones) and then creates artwork from the message the tree is offering. I've also written about the great ability to communicate with each other that trees possess. Each time I walk, I sense which tree is calling to me and I go over and offer it some words about being seen and cheering it on to thrive and grow!

  7. I, too, am a tree lover and have planted lots of them. But, since you asked about celebration? I get to share about one of my favorite companies. Check out Who Gives a Crap — a company that recycles office paper and adds bamboo to create wonderful "paper" products. And the best part? Aside from not using trees? They dedicate 50% of profits to building toilets for the almost 40% of the world population without such access. (And they work from the UK and Australia, too.) Stepping off my soapbox now.

  8. Being with trees is something I am drawn massively to right now, I regularly walk in the woods with my dog. Supported, detoxed and a gentle energy is restored when I am with the trees xxc

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