3 Sources for Divine Downloads to Enhance Your Writing

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What is a Divine Download

My definition: 
Divine Download (noun)
The spiritual connection to Greatness– Source, God, Universe, the Creator–that allows inner, inspirational ideas to flow to the outer using you like a hollow quill or channel. These ideas are then used in writing, speaking, or other creative actions.

When this spiritual connection happens, you know. There may even be physical confirmations; you’ll feel what I call “angel bumps.” (Sounds better than goosebumps don’t you think?) This is energy charging in different parts of your body which aren’t conscious actions. 

They just happen. 
Be aware when… 
Your heart skips. 
Your breath quickens. 
Your hands tremble.
Your tummy flutters.

And when Divine Downloads aren’t flowing, you also know. You might call this writer’s block or label yourself as unsure, unworthy, or unmotivated. 

A year ago, Miss Writer’s Block visited me like an unannounced house guest. This happened when I sought to meet a deadline for a 1,400-word story in the anthology, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace. As the deadline loomed, I realized that perhaps I’d attracted this momentary writing paralysis! Why? I’d just completed writing a 24-page ePublication entitled 5 Journal Adventures to Recharge Your Creativity: Writer’s Block Take a Vacay!

Laughing through my ah-ha, I used these three, favorite sources for Divine Downloads–along with taking the advice in my ePublication to meet the story deadline. They included:

1) Colors: Visit the paint department at any large box store.
Peruse the paint color samples and picturesque booklets for visual delight and word imagery. I randomly chose three colors which were Riesling Grape (chartreuse), Peru burgundy) and Arrowhead Lake (blue). Interesting that the later name matches my address of 1932 Arrowhead Drive, I’ve also led a Vision Quest to Peru and, visited Germany with siblings where we drank lots of Riesling wine. 

The paint names caused memories to flow, and later, words flowed onto the page of my story. If you choose large paint samples, you can use them as is–or decorate as bookmarks with children or grandchildren.

2) Words: Randomly open your favorite book, atlas, or dictionary and read, then copy, the first words, names, or phrases that appear.
Don’t edit or judge. Just be a faithful scribe. Read them aloud. Let them percolate like your favorite cup of coffee or tea. They’ll find their perfect use and place in your story exactly as is or as a spin-off an idea in your story or creative project.

3) Conversations: Ask: What or who do I need to know now for my best and Highest Good regarding _______? (Name of the issue, story, project)

This is part of Step 2 in my practice of the Divine Dialogue Writing System. I use this question every morning and also teach the practice. In silence, “someone” always shows up. You might call this presence intuition, inner whispers, or even your name for Source. We chat on the page, going back and forth like two BFFs having a heart-to-heart conversation. And always, the issue moves closer to clarity and resolution. 

It’s in this process that every name for a major project has emerged for me including Women as Visionaries, Your Soul Cafe (my podcast), Spinning Your Gold (my blog) and; the Divine Dialogue Writing System, my writing practice, women’s writing circle, and course.

Colors. Words. Conversations. 

They’re all a tiny part of the huge, content-rich and gorgeous world that supports your Divine Downloads–a flow of inner, inspirational ideas.

Lessons learned: There’s no need in having Miss Writer’s Block to visit or feeling unsure, unworthy, or unmotivated. 

Your job? 
Be open. 
I promise that your Divine Downloads are sure to flow to you often, and easily!

Thank-you in advance for commenting if one or more of these ideas reminded or inspired you of how to enhance your spiritual connection for writing.

P.S. Your special invitation awaits you to join my free, private Facebook group, the Writer’s VisionQuest just for women. The group’s intention is to “take your words somewhere brilliant” by giving and receiving writing and creativity resources.

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  1. Hey Lore! I love this! Inspiration is all around us. Pulling from colors, words and conversations is simple, yet extremely valuable as the things we are seeing and hearing are our guidance sharing with us exactly what we need. My blog this week came from a conversation!

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