What’s Your New Spring Mantle?

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The butterfly counts not months but moments, 
and has time enough.” 
~ Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize in Literature 1913
What new Spring mantle do you seek to unfurl and share with the world?

On this official first day of spring, beginnings and second chances are sure to be a buzzin’ in your mind. The signs are everywhere. The butterfly metaphor appears in posts, poetry, memes, and Tweets. Sheesh, the Dollar Stores displayed spring items the day after Valentine’s Day!

Perhaps you can recall your science class in elementary school. Do you remember learning the four stages of the butterfly as an egg, larva, pupa, and adult?

As a butterfly in the making, who or what do you seek to be after your long winter’s nap? 

And what if you’re not prepared to…
show up,
unfurl your wings and,
emerge to proclaim a new title despite all the outer urgings to celebrate Sister Spring?!

What if you’re just not ready despite months of cocooning?
Then stay there. Be still. Know your peace. It’s perfect.You’re perfect.
Perhaps you’re’ still in Stage Two, the caterpillar-butterfly phase.
Yes, you could be “going caterpillar.” 
You’re still cocooning.
Perhaps you’re still devouring the leaf you were “born” on. You’re reading, reflecting, researching, and then responding in words. 

Perhaps you’re growing, expanding, and then molting.
This means you are okay with being in the dark.
This means you are where you are supposed to be.
This means you are “faithing” it until you make it.

Eventually, you will evolve to Stage Three: The Chrysalis Butterfly.

What butterfly stage are you in? 
You’ll know the moment to announce your new spring mantle.

Remember what Rabindranath said, “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

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  1. Happy Spring, Lore! I love the butterfly analogy (butterflies remind me of my dad, so it's especially heartwarming to see butterflies in your post). I am open to what the spring shall bring. xoxo

  2. Feeling like I need to stay in my cocoon for a while, but life circumstances are forcing me to come out for a while. So I'm creating a traveling cocoon (kind of like a spiritual camper) to take with me so I can go back in for moments of renewal until I feel strong enough to unhitch it for good!

  3. Hi Lore! Another beautiful post! I think the slow transition out of the cocoon and into the world is where I'm hanging right now. I'm excited for seeing the spring but not forcing against mother nature's rhythms. Thanks for this beautifully written post!

  4. Thank you for your beautiful post Lore. I do love butterflies and the symbolism they bring. I find myself in many stages at once, we live in interesting times. No matter where we find ourselves it is okay. Many Blessings, Lisa xx

  5. Love this Lore- even though i am probably more in the cocoon stage as we go into autumn, mind you still summer. I feel within that yes i am in a coocon stage as i complete projects that will lead me to open those wings and fly- love it thank you xo

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