7 Ways to Celebrate the Super Blue Blood Moon

Spinning Your Gold: Words that Open Hearts and Inspire Action Like me, do you have a severe case of selenophilia–someone who loves the Moon and finds it soothingly captivating? Passionate selenophiles number in the millions and can be found on every continent going back to ancient times.Tomorrow morning at 5:30 am EST, selenophiles will celebrate the  unique […]

8 Strategies to Stay Out of Facebook Jail

Spinning Your Gold Blog: Words that Open Hearts and Inspire Action “With 2.07 billion monthly Facebook users, you can’t ignore the rules of the biggest social media game on the globe.” ~Lore Raymond If you want to play and successfully stay in this social media game, you must learn and follow the Facebook Game Rules–especially rules about […]

Powerful #TimesUp Quotes from Not So Quiet Women

On Sunday, January 7, perhaps you were one of the 20 million viewers watching the 75th Annual Golden Globes. A sea of continuous black waves appeared on global screens to celebrate the best in television and cinema accomplishments. With powerful women (and some men) speaking up as one, the awards program transcended into a herstoric night! The celebrity’s […]