5 Ways of Writing to Express Love with Gratitude

How are you feeling after yesterday’s Love Day?
As with any holiday, you may be among the many who didn’t feel the loving energies that yesterday intended to express and celebrate. And who hasn’t been on the receiving end of feeling unloved, unwelcomed, and unappreciated? I’ve rented space in these unhappy places.

Flashback: On Valentine’s Day at Judson, an all women’s college, I painfully recall looking out the 2nd-floor window. All day. Dozens of times. Every chance I could.I tried to spot a florist delivering roses to the Julia Barron dorm. 

“Could that be for ME?” “Oh, those MUST be for me.” The monkey mind chatter increased with every passing hour that “he” didn’t remember me. The flowers never arrived. Emotionally exhausted, I went to sleep feeling angry, jealous, upset and unloved.
The next day he called to say he’d been very sick and apologized for not sending flowers; it had been his intention and I believed him.
I then resolved NEVER to expect expressions of love from an outside source and in my controlling, pre-conceived way like flowers. I released the illusion of rejection. This intention has since guided me through life– though I do slip up with expectations on occasion!
So if you find yourself “down in the valley” of emotions after yesterday’s Love Day (or any holiday), how do you shift your energies for regaining equilibrium– or even increase your vibration to a happier state of mind?
You’re invited to write your way up into a higher, happier vibration and…
 1)  Write an Alphabet Gratitude List
Using the alphabet, make a list of all the people who have ever liked or loved you. It’s sure to fill your heart and cause some tears to flow. Be sure to include people who haven’t liked or loved you yet gifted you with lessons learned. Once your G-List is completed, it won’t matter anymore if cards, calls or roses arrived -or didn’t yesterday; at least, it might matter less.
2)   Write 5 Thank-You Notes
Using your Alphabet Gratitude List, choose five people to write an old fashioned thank you note to. If they are no longer in the physical world or you don’t have an address, write them anyway! Make a copy of each one.
3)   Write a Calendar Love Letter
“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Include everything you love or like about yourself. Be sure to add the many differences you’ve made in your successful turns-around-the-sun. Start with January and close with December. No act or thought is too small to be included. Then self-address an envelope and give it to a friend or family member to surprise you by mailing it to you whenever they choose.
4)   Write an Always in Advance Appreciation List—An AAA List
Mentally walk through your day. Visualize how you see it unfolding: peaceful, successful, easily, happily, etc. Capture your positive emotions with AAA statements like the ones I wrote this morning:
I am always giving advance appreciation for the…
·       Engaging phone call with my new client
·       Lots of  H.U.G.S. > Happy Unexpected God Surprises
·       Divine Downloads for  the outline of my new book
·       Perfect writing sisters now joining me at my retreat
·       Happy, inspiring mother-daughter date at the Frida Kahlo Exhibit
  5)   Write your “I am Love, Loved, Loving & Loveable Autobiography”
Fueled and inspired with the writing activities above, write this autobiography to coalesce and condense the hopefully happy emotions they produced in your body, mind and creative soul.
Keep everything you’ve written including:
the Alphabet Gratitude List; copies of the five thank you notes; Calendar Love Letter; Always in Advance Appreciation List and; your I Am Love Autobiography –all handy to re-read often or whenever you find yourself  “down in the valley” before or after the next Love Day or holiday.

Thank you in advance for liking and commenting. What idea opened your heart to take inspired action and why?

P.S. Why not give yourself the gift of self-love? Pause now and unplug to start or finish that creative writing project. Your special invitation awaits you to the Treasure Island Beach Writer’s Retreat, April 23-28. Sacred spaces are almost filled! Take advantage of up to 20% off early pricing that ends February 23.

Copyright Lore Raymond, 2017. No portion of the blog post or information on this site may be reprinted, re-used or copied to another site without prior written permission from the author.

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  1. Brilliant idea of an alphabet gratitude list!! Amazing idea that I will implement! Thank you!! Erin Esser

  2. First, thank you, dear Erin, for your persistence to post your comment here! That's a sweet unwrapped pressie indeed as we don't really know one another. Happy you might be inspired to implement some of these writing ideas.

  3. Thanks, Suzie, for your kind comment. And no surprise that you'd have an alphabetical gratitude book. What's the name? I just came up with this idea years ago…and we know, there's no original idea. Hugs xoxox

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