7 Ways to Celebrate the Moon’s Gifts

Like me, do you have a severe case of selenophilia–someone who loves the Moon and finds it soothingly captivating?
We passionate selenophiles number in the millions and can be found on every continent going back to ancient times. I also plan all my courses, events, and retreats to include the Full or New Moon!

We love the Moon for her many gifts because she:
* offers comfort in the midst of chaos or change as an eternal presence, even when unseen. There’s a reason she’s called “Grandmother Moon” and “Sister Moon” as we can connect with her any time to be heard and loved unconditionally.

* shares her light generously at no charge for us to bask, delight, and reflect in the silver luminescence. Quietly studying and staring at the moon provides a perspective that our problems are not as big as we think they are; indeed, there’s always another day followed by another night sky with the moon, just like our problems which can be solved…another day.

* keeps our inner and outer time clocks synchronized with the rhythm of her cycles. Lunar calendars remind us that the nature of life is cyclic. Moon has always shown up, gone through her phases, and reflected the sun’s light–except temporarily with equinoxes!

* is considered a symbol of love. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “I love you to the moon and…”  It’s now a trademarked phrase by Walker Books, though many heard the phrase years ago on the Rosie O’Donnell show. She shared that her son, Parker, said this to her while tucking him in for dream time.

Today’s Full SUPER Moon can brag about being the brightest and highest moon of the year!
The name “Cold Moon” comes from the American Indians; they also call it the Longest Nights Moon because of its proximity to the Winter Solstice on December 21 and the year’s longest night. A resource to learn all the full moon names (and much more!) can be found in the Old Farmer’s Almanac founded in 1792.

So, how might we celebrate the Moon for her many gifts? 
Here are seven ideas:
1) Mark the dates of the Full and New Moons on your calendars to honor this celestial body. Did you know that the moon’s cycle closely mirrors a woman’s cycle? Yes, it takes the moon about 29.5 days to circle Mother Earth. 
This matches a woman’s normal cycle of 28 days, forever linking us to her Divine, feminine energy!

2) Make time to go outside, be quiet and stare at the moon. I invite you to, “Unplug to plug in.”

3) Enjoy a moon bath or shower. While this is winter, perhaps you can pause for this sacred self-care time and step outside for a moon bath with clothing. You could also take a real bath while listening to soothing music like Moonlight Sonata. Be sure to include a cup of Epsom salts for detoxing and letting go. Consider wearing pale blue and moonstone jewelry afterward.

Full Bloom Moon Flower

4) Plant the seeds or purchase night-blooming plants like a Moon flower, Starry Night Gardenia, or Cereus Night-Blooming flower. Then you can often enjoy their fragrance and beauty in the moonlight!

5) Research and join a local group that celebrates the moon with a ceremony. Don’t know of one? Visit Find a Women’s Circle: The DF App. Another favorite place is the Facebook group of  Sage Goddess Full Moon Ritualists which offers many opportunities to engage and learn more about the moon.

6) Create your own moon ceremony. For the Full Moon, it’s a releasing ceremony where you write down your worries, fears, and regrets; then burn the paper in a fire with incense! The smoke lifts these lower vibrations up to the moon so you can release, relax and recharge. For the New Moon, it’s a setting intentions ceremony where you write them down on the “celestial chalkboard” in the sky. The moon is considered dead, all black with no light until…

Have you ever chatted with the Moon?

7) Have a Divine Dialogue with the Moon. 
Consider asking these questions: 
* What do I need to know for my best and highest good, dear Moon, about ______? (state issue). 
* How can I best get to know, understand, and celebrate you?
* What secrets might you reveal to me? 

Then start a written dialogue capturing your conversation. Be prepared for a lively and inspiring chat!

Whatever ways you chose to celebrate the Moon’s many gifts, start now! 

It can be as simple as writing down moon dates; going outside to stare and reflect; enjoying a moon bath; planting a night-blooming flower; joining a virtual or in-person group to celebrate; creating your own moon ceremonies or; having and writing a dialogue with the moon!

Observe your energies before, during, and after these activities and moon dates. Jot them down in a journal.

Isn’t it now time to hoooooooowwwwwl at the moon?!

P.S. You’re invited to join me and just 9 other writing sisters at the all-inclusive 
Treasure Island Beach Writer’s Retreat: Recharge Your Body, Mind & Creative Soul, 
April 23-28, 2017.

Can you see yourself sitting on the white sugar sands of the Gulf of Mexico engaged in a New Moon Ceremony? 

Ahhh, what new intentions might you be thinking of writing on the “blank celestial blackboard?”

Copyright Lore Raymond, 2016. No portion of the blog post or information on this site may be reprinted, re-used or copied to another site without prior written permission from the author.

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  1. Awesome blog and great tips, Lore. I have a simple Full Moon ritual, what links me with my body, and links me with Goddess. I found it many years ago in Stacey Demarco : Witch in the Bedroom book; The ritual of Health and Power of Life. I love it! Ritual bath, Full Moon and Self Love 💕

  2. Love it! Enjoyed the article oh so much and then tickled to find our Find a Womens Circle (.com) site listed in it – thank you! Yes, I have selenophilia!! And yes, I oh so enjoyed the gorgeous moon last night as I sat in Circle with several other sisters … <3

  3. I love the phases of the moon during December (they are the same every month, but December is special) – releasing the old, welcoming the new and starting with a clean slate on 12/29! Much love to you!

  4. You're so welcome…and happy that I could gift you with an "unwrapped pressie", Karen. YOU DO SO MUCH and I appreciate the group and your app. Merry Christmas, Moon Sistah. I hope we'll connect one day by phone….until then, be well and warm.

  5. Enjoyed reading this and learning something that I did not know. I especially liked your suggestion about quietly studying and staring at the moon and how it provides a perspective that our problems are not as big as we think they areven.
    Thanks, Lore.
    Caren Glasser

  6. I'm mesmerized by the moon and her phases, and can often be found during the full moon just sitting on the deck in deep meditation 🙂 I also love making moon water and cleansing some of my crystals.

    Great post, Lore <3

  7. Awwww, thanks, Caren. Your kind words are appreciated and I'm happy to share some of what I'm passionate about with you. We need to connect sooner than later…2017 is a comin' around the bend! Hugs xoxo

  8. Happy to learn that you're also a Moon SiStar, Katt. I haven't made moon water in awhile, so thanks for the reminder. I'll be writing more about the moon in the months ahead. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Stay warm and well.

  9. Great blog Lore! Love your suggestions for celebrating the moon and her many gifts. I must confess I, too, have a severe case of selenophilia. I recall dressing my daughter up in her snowsuit when she was less that 2 and going out on our back deck with her to gaze at a beautiful full moon. … Your upcoming event sounds intriguing! Warm Hugs, Pam

  10. Thanks, Pam, for your encouragement about my writer's retreat. I'm over the moon about it! And happy to know that you're a Moon SiStar, too! Does your daughter remember these moon outings?

  11. Thanks, Sheila! Happy you enjoyed the links…do you vote to include links in a blog, or not? I took a chance and did something different this time. The links I shared about the FB moon group and Divine Feminine app, were enthusiastically appreciated by my friend, Karen Lee Moon, page administrator and founder. She shared the blog with tags to 18 people!

  12. I've never been a "moon" gal….always preferring the sun. I've definitely felt the effects of the changes lately & everyone says it's the moon. I'll be paying better attention from now on. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  13. Happy that this might have added a few moonbeams to your awareness, Tae. I, too, love the SUN and live in Florida because of that…and over the years, the moon's energy has entered my life….it's all an ebb and flow. Merry Christmas to you and yours…though I imagine it's a challenging time. My dad made his transition 13 years ago in October so that first Christmas was very rough! We left FL and everyone went to where I lived–the island of Roatan, Honduras so that we would have a different Christmas without the memories.

  14. Wonderful post! As a Cancerian with an early deep connection to our lovely Luna (my first word was moon!) and a lot of my own work being lunar related, I LOVED all of these beautiful suggestions. To harmonize with lunar rhythms is a powerful practice, and this post offered so many beautiful ways into which to tap into that harmony. Luna Bless!

  15. Thank you,Nuit, for your kind words and post. What a story about your first WORD! We'll have to connect more as I seek to learn about your "lunar related work." Until then, be blessed and happy! Come back and visit here anytime.

  16. This is so interesting to me. I love nature, yet I don't consider myself a 'moon person' – I'm more of a starry sky kind of gal. I really appreciate your ideas about getting closer with this luminous being!

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