What will you give birth to in December?

You’re now moving from November’s sacred space of gratitude into joyful expectations of new projects. New dreams. New beginnings.So, how will you embrace December?December is a gestation time.Quiet solace.Quiet walks with Mother Nature.Quiet time writing Christmas or holiday cards.Quiet hours of baking and “testing” your samples.Quiet moments of brooding.I am also feeling pregnant with dreams although I’ve […]

13 Messages of Resilience, Hope & Calls to Action!

Today’s THE day for me to remember:Love is all there is.Love is all there.Love is all.Love is.LOVE. I woke to the news that moved me to tears and grief. I’ve since found comfort and clarity in the many messages from women visionaries, writing sisters and lightworkers. It’s with great pride that I call these women sisters! […]