Why does the time of your birth matter?

The time of your birth matters as it is associated with one of your three birth angels. 
What’s a birth angel? First, they’re not the same as a guardian angel or the great archangels, though they are similar.

I discovered them in 2011 while designing and delivering two telesummits on angels with international experts. It is believed that based on the date and time of birth, three birth angels are “assigned” to you. Their purpose is to gently guide you towards your Divine Blueprint, as they gently encourage, nurture, and enfold you in unconditional love all through your earth journey.

Sometimes it is useful to know the names of the three birth angels assigned to you – by knowing their names it makes the relationship much more personal! Well, of course! You can call upon any of your three birth angels to help you. I know their presence has enriched my life immensely to bring more comfort and clarity to many issues by chatting with them. 
I connect with my birth angels through the daily practice that I call the Divine Dialogue Writing System. This typically happens between 4:00 -5:00 am; this hour is considered to be the calmest and quietest time on the planet. Many religions and spiritual seekers practice meditation at this time. Many also believe that 4:44 am is the moment of the greatest energy to connect with the archangels.

Every adventure needs expert guides to point the way. Answer questions. Offer hope, insights, and information. The same holds true for YOU as you clarify your dreams and roadblocks, open your heart, and take inspired action!

All angel experts believe that angels are everywhere but first, you must ask for their help. It’s like being at a restaurant. You can’t get any food until you call on a waiter. 

Birth angels, like waiters, are standing by just waiting for your signal; they truly want to help you get what you seek.

Information about the birth angels is timeless and available. And yes, the time of your birth does matter!

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Then what’s unique about these Birth Angels Sessions? 
It’s my ability to synthesize the content-rich information with strong intuitive and clairsentient skills; I then translate the information with your questions to help you arrive at the answers you’re seeking.

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  1. Thank YOU, Mihaela, for being curious about the 4:44am time. Thank you for inspiring this blog post. And I am looking forward to scheduling your Birth Angel Session. FYI:The special investment price will be honored through the end of September in celebration of my new books and being an author. Namaste~

  2. Fascinating, Lore. I know the time of our birth is so important. Twice in my life I've recognized complete strangers as having been born on the same birthday as myself – kind of freaky for them, I think, but it was avery specific energy that I connected with! I love the idea of tunig in at 4-5am, too!

  3. As someone who is very interested in astrology and angels, this was fascinating and new to me, Lore. Although I am not an early riser, I love the idea that the 4.44 is such a powerful time to connect with our angels. Curious if someone does not know the time of birth, how do you work with them to reveal their birth angels? There are many people who don't have their birth time and in astrology the time of birth defines the rising sign which often speaks volumes to how a person presents themselves in the world. Appreciate the information you shared in this post!

  4. If they don't know their birth time, then one of the three Birth Angels can only be approximated, or not at all. Happy that I was able to share one of my passions with you, Beverley. When is YOUR birthday or turn-around-the-sun?

  5. Our Angels are exceptional. Thank you for sharing the analogy of a restaurant…many people don't know the Angels need our permission to help us and love it when we lovingly direct them with specifics. You have me intrigued as to this triad of 3 and gaining access to their names…

  6. I had never heard about the assigned angels. I've heard about spiritual guides but not angels. I knew they were around us but not 3 specific ones were assigned to us depending on the time of our birth. Very interesting! 🙂

  7. Lore this is so calming to my soul. I have done my angel healing and abundance course through Diana Cooper so I'm SO into angels and call on them for almost everything. Their presence has made my life magical.
    While I know that I have angels assigned to us at birth, I never really got to unraveling their names. You've got me inquisitive now… 🙂 I'm going to meditate and pray on this.

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