Can you pick your weather?

In every moment, life presents you with choices: Choosing serenity or choosing to suffer.
In this photo, Mother Nature artistically reminds you that it’s all about your perspective which you CAN control, unlike her weather.
As the photographer of this interesting photo said, “Pick your weather.”

What do you see? Rain?
The clouds shaped like something?
Sunny blue skies?
Storm coming
Or something else?

Isn’t it liberating to have the unwrapped gift of FREE WILL to choose how your day will be?
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Photo: Jenifer Mina, taken near Sebastian,FL
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  1. I was just in Colorado and saw the most incredible clouds. I was filled with so much awe and wonder and was filled with deep gratitude and joy. How we perceive things in our lives so powerfully influences how we experience them and is the most empowering choice we have! Thank you for this great post!

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