A New Way to Celebrate World Gratitude Day!

Much is written about the value of giving thanks and writing a gratitude list.

To celebrate World Gratitude Day here’s something new to add to your spiritual toolkit: Writing an AAA List–or an Always in Advance Appreciation List.

Like the business of AAA, the American Automobile Association, you might visit their office to get one of their “trip-tics.” You tell them where you want to go and they assemble a packet of maps to guide you to your destination. The guessing and worry of arriving there safely and successfully are eliminated with this helpful information.

The AAA List applies the same principles. At the start of each day, perhaps after your prayer and meditation time, first tell Source where you want to go–but never how!
Allow miracles to unfold for you in ways you could never imagine.

Next, in the sacred silence, visualize your day by mentally walking through it from the morning to that important phone call, next to that writing assignment, and finally to that healthy recipe you want to try for dinner.

Finally, once you’ve finished “walking through the day,” start writing with the title
I am always appreciating in advance…

Here are some ideas from my AAA List that I recently jotted down:
* A healthy breakfast
* Divine Downloads for today’s blog post
* The positive resolution to my business tech problem
* My business growing and expanding
* Many H.U.G.S. > Happy Unexpected God Surprises
* Peace and love expressing through me as me.
* Restful sleep and remembering dreams upon waking rested

I write AMEN at the end of my AAA List to seal it with love.

The next morning to start my Divine Dialogue Writing practice, I review this list. It prompts me with ideas to now write my new Gratitude List–both practices are my bookends of gratitude for each day.

What are you always appreciating in advance? 
Thank your for your reply in the comments below and sharing to celebrate World Gratitude Day!

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  1. Oh what a great idea! love the AAA list idea! I'll start practicing that every morning! Thanks for the inspiration Lore. I'd love to connect, I saw your note on my blog post. I'll message you on FB and we'll set up a date and time to connect 🙂 Hugs

  2. Thanks for sharing your AAA approach. I start my day with finding at least ONE thing to be grateful for and ending it with listing THREE things I was grateful for. Today, it was that my boyfriend walked my dog this morning, allowing me to get some much needed rest. I'll let you know at the end of the day what transpired & made it to the evening list! 🙂

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