Why Celebrate World Oceans Day?

Never doubt that a thoughtful group of citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  -Margaret Mead

This June 8 please stop. Please take time to focus on the horrific state of our world’s oceans and what you might do to make a difference. You might be thinking how or why can I do this?

Yes, there are many recent soul-tugging events calling out for your attention and inspired action: the sentencing of a rapist at Stanford University; the unexpected death of Hirambe, a silverback gorilla and; the burning of 19 girls by Isis for refusing to be sex slaves. Just knowing about these horrific events makes me soul-sick. But I have to get over feeling lousy or depressed and DO SOMETHING about them…and our world’s oceans.

Perhaps more frightenly, you and I –or our grandchildren–might not be able to live here with Mother Earth if we continue trashing our world’s oceans!

There are many ways to take inspired action. Just be one drop in the ocean of change. I don’t claim to be an expert on the world’s oceans. Instead, a Peruvian shaman friend told me that I was a chacaruna–a bridge person–to share important information like this with you and my tribe. By wearing this mantle, I am a passionate activist bringing important and sacred information to light. I love and live near the Gulf of Mexico; I want my grandson Blake, now a year old, to enjoy it.

Won’t you please take 17 minutes to check out this link? It offers Resources and Promotional Materials to share today or this week to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Thank you in advance for being a very special and important drop in the ocean of change.

P.S. Would you share what ocean/seas you live by or have visited in your travels?

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  1. Living in Colorado, I miss being close to an ocean.I grew up on the east coast and lived about an hour from the Atlantic. Then lived in the Pacific Northwest, close enough to go to the Pacific ocean regularly.Last year I was in the SW of France and got to experience the Atlantic ocean from the other side. I loved knowing that I was connected on both sides. In Istanbul I got to experience a city set in many bodies of water.Magical!

  2. I love, love, love water. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a bay, sea ocean, lakes, rivers, streams and so forth. So, preservation is super important to me and I shared this love with my children and others.

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