What Do Poetry, the Full Moon and Summer Solstice Share?

…the answer is Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

and today’s New Book Release!

From Guest Blogger, Ginny Branan:
On this 2016 Summer Solstice Full Moon, comes a collection of personal essays, poems and meditations as we undertake to illuminate the powerful role poetry plays in unleashing our spirits …

Using the waxing and waning of the moon’s phases to illustrate the ebb and flow of our own voices, we share the depth of our calling and explore the mystical experience of birthing a poem and the spiritual bonding of our sisterhood ~

Available here at Amazon
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All proceeds from the sale of these books will go to “Write Girl,” a mentoring program that encourages girls to explore and develop their creative talents, both written and oral.

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I‘m honored and excited to share my writing in this beautiful book.

P.S. Lore: I’m also delighted to be a part of this exquisite book with my essay, Moon Poetry Ceremonies.
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Published by Golden Dragonfly Press
Available through Amazon beginning Monday, June 20th!

About Ginny Branan: The inner poet and writer in me has finally emerged…the dreamer was always here! I come to this dance a bit later than some, the most important thing is …I’ve come!! Comments, critiques an suggestions are welcome. Thank you for checking out my poetry blog. Please become a “Follower.”

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  1. Thank you so much for the honor of being shared as a 'Guest Blogger' on your lovely blog. I am so excited to share the pages of this beautiful book endeavor with you, and with all of the amazing writers who contributed. Much appreciation!

  2. I think it's a good book, especially for me, so I decided to try himself as a writer of essays. I am a long time to buy them http://essays.io/. I did not want to spend time on it, because I was passionate about sports, now I reinterpreted everything in my life and decided to return the lost opportunity. I will share feedback about this book.

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