7 Ways to Bloom in June

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June,” muses L.M. Montgomery.

June is National Rose Month, the flower that symbolizes love with the highest vibration of any flower on the planet.
So it’s no wonder that you might feel the loving generosity that June shares in a bouquet of kindness, compassion, and beauty. Yes, days are hot; I say that the “Florida Oven” is now officially on until October. With spring flowers like roses now blooming, it’s time to also savor the yummilicious bounty of Mother Nature in recipes filled with strawberries, mangos, and peaches.

With an open heart, you’re sure to be smiling, skipping, and laughing more. You’re happily thinking about vacations, outdoor adventures and, perhaps memories of summer camp.

This June why not create more loving memories and add them like roses to your bouquet of gratitude?

Here are seven ways to bloom in June:
1) Plant a rose bush at home or perhaps at your church; my siblings and I did the later to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary with a Silver Lilac rose bush. Be sure to name your plant!

2) Buy yourself roses for no reason except to say: “I love you, _____. You are worthy.You are ahh-some. You are enough!”

3) Write your AAA List–Always Advance Appreciation–with fearless intentions on the New Moon of June 5. Visualize the month ahead of what you seek to do and to be and capture these thoughts on the page to reread every day.

4) Celebrate the Full Rose Moon–the Summer Solstice on June 21 by camping out –literally in a tent or perhaps in a new place like a B & B in the countryside. Consider making s’mores, storytelling, and singing with family and friends regardless of where you lay your head down.

5) Learn more about aromatherapy and the uses of rose oil, rosemary and lavender scents.

6) Cook with new and different herbs; start by taking a field trip to a farmer’s market or spice shop and be adventuresome with your purchases!

7) Share your gift of love with family, friends, and a stranger. Be open to how these acts of kindness, compassion, and beauty might appear. Just be sure to set the intention that you’ll do this in June.

Thank you sharing–always good karma–and for adding your ideas of how you might bloom in June.

Then you won’t have to “wonder what it would be live to in a world where it is always June.”

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  1. What a great reason to plant more roses! We don't celebrate a "rose month" in Germany, but we should! 🙂
    There are never enough roses. I'd add to your list: make roses jam – it tastes amazing on buttered toast in the morning.

  2. Gavriel and I have been looking at rose bushes on our walk home from school, and as I have a shady garden I have been looking into shade tolerant climbing rose bush. Time to buy and plant one. Lovely post Lore xoxo

  3. Roses to me are romantic, especially if given to u by a gentleman friend, smelling like dew in the morning hours. Like the seven ways to appreciate their beautiful presence I can enjoy your words and bloom in June! Clare

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