Spinning Your Gold from Pointed Judgment


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Have you ever heard the phrase,
“When you point a finger at someone, four fingers are pointing back at you.”  This word wisdom recently resurfaced while encountering a judgmental comment about my writing and me.

Rewind: The day was ebullient. I was flying high in the clouds of joy! The day was stamped with being in service to a loved one; finding thrift store treasures and; for the first time, playing on the Pinterest Playground with sister visionary authors.
My blog post, Chakra Quiz, had been pinned numerous times accompanied by likes and positive comments.
Color me feeling a blue, sky-high happy!

Next: I read a comment while checking this blog post on my Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond Magazine.
It was short and nasty.


What a contrast to all the previous positive comments. My tummy started to swirl and my face flushed. More lower energies rose in the areas of my Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.
Why would anyone who claimed to be spiritual with a matching Facebook page, choose to write this comment?


What purpose did this judgment serve? 
My answer: The judgmental comment served nothing and no-thing. 
So I thought.

Thanks to an unexpected phone call with a gifted healer, I explained what happened. I sought to shift my energy– and gratefully it did. She skillfully guided me through the story and my feelings about the comment. She helped keep the focus on me and not them. This was my work and healing to do.

Now: I can honestly give thanks for the comment and its author.
Now I have a spiritual tool to reframe my thoughts when reading or hearing a judgmental comment.
As my healing friend suggested, I can literally take a pen and drop it–just like dropping the thoughts that might again cause a swirling tummy or flushing face. Similar comments are sure to surface as my words and work continue to expand into the world.
This was a dress rehearsal and I’m ready to be on stage!

What purpose did this judgment serve? 
My answer now:The judgmental comment served nothing, 
no-thing, and everything.

Spin Your Gold: Try dropping your story of painful thoughts when encountering a dark, yucky rain cloud on your blue, sky-high day.

Visiting Ketut Liyer, the healer featured in
EAT, PRAY, LOVE with 15 women on the VisionQuest to Bali

P.S. I choose to point the way to the next VisionQuest for Writers & Readers: Florida Spring Break, April 2017.

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  1. This makes me think of the fetch the stick/ball game we play with our dogs. We throw, yell "fetch it " and they return it . Since they usually have it held tightly between their teeth you say "drop it"! Like poking sticks in a bike's wheel we can stop it or drop it and re-focus the instant we catch ourselves, unlike our furry friends!

  2. Love this: "She skillfully guided me through the story and my feelings about the comment. She helped keep the focus on me and not them. This was my work and healing to do." It's so powerful to recognize that our reaction to negative judgments are nuggets of gold. Thank you, Lore, for an alternative, and empowering, perspective. xo

  3. Thank you, Melissa, for your comments. Yes, it sometimes takes that healing friend to be the mirror to help us see how to spin our gold from the yuck of negativity!

  4. Good for you, Lore, for turning this into another form of conscious expansion! I'm reminded of another saying, "We can't make everyone happy all the time!" Keep doing what you're doing because you ROCK! <3

  5. I love this quote by Harvey Jackins: "When you are being attacked, know that you are doing significant things." You are a blazing trail of light Lore and your words and creativity are very significant indeed. So glad this experience has taught you to live even bigger.

  6. This was a great shift of perspective, Lore! I saw a quote someone posted yesterday about the fact that we cannot be liked by everyone. This resonates with me now. It is completely enough to be liked and respected by a few like-minded souls. Sending you my love! You are a super-great role model for me.

  7. Lore, I love this. I saw that comment and it has bothered me that someone would say something like that. I was sending you love and hoping that you were able to put perspective around it! I am so glad you did. You are appreciated!

  8. Thanks you, Tanya, for your kind words. You're right–we can't be liked by everyone. I don't expect to be. Just don't come into my "home", my Facebook magazine and dump caca.

  9. Great post, Lore. Reminds me of a very important teaching. Whatever is outside of my hula hoop is none of my business. Combine this with owning the idea that I am not responsible for what others thinks of me, and you've got sovereignty. Which you showed so beautifully.

  10. Thank YOU, Sue. I'm giggling with your hula hoop metaphor. Will have to remember this as it's a great visual and teaching tool. Sovereignty–a powerful word one doesn't read very often.

  11. Thank YOU, Debra. Thanks to a bff, I could reframe the experience. And indeed, the silver lining did find me. What a lovely way to wrap up the story of my "happy, blue skies punctuated with a yucky dark rain cloud."

  12. I love the visualization, Lore. And your humanness. Our hearts soar with praises, and it all can change with one unpleasant comment. We are each gifted with the freedom of speech, and the freedom of reaction. I'm glad you were able to turn the unfavorable comment into a healing moment. <3

  13. Oh Lore. Thanks for sharing your story and the gift of healing it brought you. It does feel like it could be a companion piece to the post I shared today. Practicing breathing through other's projections and judgements and knowing they're not really about us so much as themselves. Sometimes the hardest pills provide the best healing. xo

  14. Love this Lore! Thanks for being vulnerable and honest! What a great shift! I think we've all been there. What a beautiful reminder that we have to keep shedding layers of old stories! You're doing amazing work! Xo

  15. Lore, my dear! I did not see that comment and I am glad I didn't. You are a strong woman and I appreciate you as a mentor and friend. Love how you were able to turn this yucky comment around for good. Blessings <3

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