5 Ways to Practice the Art of Being Thank-full


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Much is written about the acts of gratitude and appreciation and the positive energies received by both the sender and receiver. I know that my heart always smiles when someone acknowledges an idea, post, meme, or action. Is it the same for you?

My Air Force-Martha Stewart-like mother instilled the art of being thank-full as a little girl starting in the second grade. Her rule was that I had to write a thank-you note within three days of receiving the gift. Non-negotiable. As my first writing coach, she provided the pen, stamp, and stationary. Over time it became less of Oh, mom, do I have to? to a fun ritual sitting at the kitchen table crafting the note. It’s a practice I passed on to my now 25-year old daughter who I’m delighted to say, writes handwritten thank-you notes.

In a day when the clicks of Facebook Likes or Tweets often express your gratitude, consider these five ways to practice the art of being thank-full:

1) Say or write: YOU are appreciated versus I thank you. 
The subject of the sentence is focused on them and not you–after all, they’re  the one you want to celebrate or acknowledge, right?

2) Post: Peer Support for______
What an unwrapped gift to see your name tagged in a post with these words–and to know that a friend shared your new book, success, post, blog, page, or event. This is a practice that my visionary sister Anna Weber taught me and does often. You are appreciated, Anna.
I also thank Linda Joy, my publisher and, visionary publisher of Aspire Magazine; her group page, Visionary Female Authors, engages every Wednesday by sharing at least  three blogposts of group members. You are appreciated, Linda Joy.

3) Write: Buy postcards
 Once postcards are purchased from your hometown or vakay spot, put a seasonal stamp on them and place near your desk, iPad, or computer; then it’s easy to write a thank-you note when something stirs your soul.  Who doesn’t love getting a postcard? No one. And the postcard stamp is less expensive and you don’t have to craft a long note–just a few heart-felt lines will do it.
When might you buy some postcards and stamps?

4)  List: Advance gratitude or AAA: Always Advance Appreciation
Besides writing a morning gratitude list now for eight years, I’ve added the new dimension of saying thank-you in advance. It sets the intentions and energies of the day in a positive, uplifting tone.
Because I love travelling and have happily used the services of AAA, the American Automobile Association, this AAA gratitude acronym appeared in meditation. I mentally travel through the day ahead  and write how I seek the day to unfold.

I wrote things this morning like: Thank you in advance for the perfect conversation of possibilities at noon. Thank you in advance for Divine Downloads for my blogpost today. Thank you in advance for the energy to stay focused on my To Do and To Be Lists. 
What are you thank-full in advance for as you now read this?

5) Affirmations: Include yourself!
As you practice the art of being thank-full, make sure you include yourself. Example:
I am thank-full for you, Lore, because you are____________. 
What can you thank yourself for right now?

Finally, you are appreciated for reading this! Let’s send out waves of gratitude by practicing the art of being thank-full.

And if you’re inspired or gained a new idea, thank-you in advance for adding a comment below.

P.S. Be sure to claim your free, thank-you gift for visiting my new website, www.LoreRaymond.com

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  1. Lore, fantastic post! I am going to buy some postcards this weekend! I love all of your ideas and especially #4! I do something similar but this post inspired me to change up what I do to integrate walking through my day! You are appreciated Lore!

  2. Thank you, Karen, for commenting! It's really special to be on this journey together. Yes, I've been using postcards for years and buy several wherever I am. I use them at the close of my monthly Divine Dialogue Writing-shop. The writing sisters set their monthly goals and then I surprise them by mailing it sometime before our next gathering.

  3. What a great blog Lore. Love all of the ways you've listed to show gratitude. I will definitely begin to put some of these in place. Thanks a million, you're appreciated. <3

  4. Lore, this is so simple and yet has such a profound impact. Thank you's & appreciation are so under- expressed. Lovely ideas to easily implement. (I used to use AAA as Affection, Attention & Appreciation when I was searching for my mate….luckily I found one who gives lots of AAA!)

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