Is It Time to Unplug to Plug In?

At any given time, did you know that you can only optimally manage five relationships and five projects? 

The metaphor that I use when speaking or coaching is that your life is like a dock: realistically, there’s only room for 10 sailboats to tie up. Sure, there can be more anchored out in the bay, but not at your dock right now. If you attempt this, you might wind up feeling overcrowded and overwhelmed.

When you overextend boundaries, keep late hours, and say “yes” when you really want to say “no”– you are in danger of draining your soul-batteries. If you find yourself here, then UNPLUG to PLUG IN and enjoy the freeing miracle this inspired action gives you.

Lately I’ve found myself with too many weekend work appointments. I’m taking my own advice and reassessing what brings me joy: More Grandson Blake “Date Time” and the beach once a week for walking, meditating, writing, and just jumping the waves of the Gulf of Mexico!

What five things can you decide to now unplug, to plug in?

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  1. Yeppers, it's TIME TO PLAY, Nastasha! And oh my! We sure did play yesterday with the book launch of 365 Moments of Grace, didn't we? It was truly a GLOBAL PART-TAY! I've been on event celecbations and nothing like this. Will you be in 365 Life Shifts? I am committed to contributing three stories. Hope you and other #VFA sisters are too. xo Lore

  2. This is the second time in two days the number 5 has turned up in relationship to wellness and balancing – I learned yesterday that. it takes 5 positive things to counteract the physical, emotional and energetic effects of one negative thing. Apparently, there's power in 5s!

  3. I love the imagery of the boats at the dock and others at bay! I've been concentrating recently on holding space for myself as my family is going through a transition. As a caregiver it is easy to give over myself. This is a great reminder to hold firm! Unplug to plug in, indeed! xo

  4. Great advice Lore. Unplug to plug in. What a timely reminder. It's amazing how much inspiration flows when we make time for fun! Thank you! xo

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