Celebrate the New “YOU” Year with 4 Steps & 13 Rituals!

HOW? WITH A SOUL-SPA DAY! Are you counting down the days to the New Year?  If “yes,” then indeed it’s time to create sacred space just for you.  You do this by engaging with these simple, yet powerful four steps and 13 rituals.  Why not create time to celebrate the powerful and beautiful you? STEP ONE […]

How Are You Traveling into the New Year…Light or Heavy?

Rewind: Are you still thinking of the young couple traveling to pay their taxes in Bethlehem? Four days ago, Mary and Joseph arrived after their arduous journey to find no room at the inn, only to bed down in a stall with the animal’s breath to warm them. In my travels I’ve arrived at destinations […]

How Can You Decide Not to Be Stretched Thin?

Meme: www.harquin.com Marketing guru Seth Grodin blogged: “Bilbo Baggin’s great quote about being stretched thin (“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”) reveals a profound truth…” Since butter and bread are Divine companions, grab a warm, generously slathered sourdough slice with some tea and spin your gold. Moving into […]